Friday, December 17, 2010

Billy Anderson

Today we are adding Billy Anderson (William Willis Anderson, Jr.) to our "In Memoriam" list.  His wife, Carole, advised that he passed away in 2005.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Judy Powell Bryant's 8th grade Robinson class

Here is Judy Powell Bryant's 8th grade Robinson class. You'll recognize many if not most of the kids. You may even recognize yourself. If we can get a bigger picture later, will repost. But until then, see who you can find.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Voodoos

Here's a picture of The Voodoos circa 1964: Rick Kelley, Chuck Ross on drums, Scotty Penrod hidden by the mike, and Teddy Burttram from Springville High. Rick says, "We toured colleges and universities for a few years while attending school and finding our way in life."

Friday, November 12, 2010

More connections -see Sept 28 comments

I remembered another connection with classmate, Linda Lankford Hambright. My dad went to school with her dad as well as Scotty Penrod's mother.

Monday, November 8, 2010

In Memoriam

Sadly, I have added Helen Westbrook's name to the list of our missing classmates.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photo from Robinson Elementary

Mitch Almon sent this picture of his 8th grade class at Robinson. I only listed the first name and last name initial.

Row 1: Bonnie G., Pam L., Marye Jo R., Bobbi H., Sunny H., Charlotte P., Mary G. (deceased), Patricia W.

Row 2: Frank "Len" McC., Doug D., Larry R., Frank B., Gary W., Jimmy N., Terry W.

Row 3: Harry T., Elliene F., Betty Jo J. (deceased), Barbara T., Brenda N., Donna W., Pat N., Julia N. (deceased), Jane M.

Row 4: Johnny H., Billy R., David L., Joey P., Sam E.

Row 5: Eddie La G., Charles M., David M., Mitch A.

Mitch said there may be some id errors but thought these were correct.

(Click on the picture to view it enlarged.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hidden E-Mail Addresses

In response to the following e-mail I received from Pam, I went back and deleted all the e-mail addresses previously posted.  If anyone wants an e-mail address, contact me or Pam (or, hopefully, you saved that list!)!  Hope no one got any unwanted e-mails in the interim....:

Janice Ellis Schmidt sent a note that her email address should be

Connie, I was talking with Nancy and Jim last night that since the blog spot isn't secured, I don't like my name and email address being out there for public viewing and there may be a lot of others who feel the same way.  And when classmates said it was ok to share theirs, I feel sure they meant for other classmates eyes only.  All you have to do is hit Next Blog and you'll bring up a blog you have no idea who or what or where it's from.

Now that the email has gone out and everyone's name is on it and by clicking 'Show Details" you can see everyone's email address, can't we remove the email addresses from the blog spot and then Shirley, you send out another email advising that for security reasons they have been removed from the blog spot but can be viewed by clicking Show Details on the email.  If we're proactive quickly, then if anyone else is like me and doesn't want their information on an unsecured site, we'll head off any complaints.  Then with our next mail out we can possibly include email addresses with it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reunion mail out

The first mail out regarding the union has been mailed out. The information should arrive one day this week or by the first of next week. It includes a letter; list of those who plan to come, an "In Memoriam" list, and list of classmates we can't find; a Save the Date card; a questionnaire; and a return envelope.

As soon as the questionnaires start coming in, work can begin on the Classmate Booklet. And as soon as you begin sending pictures work can begin on the video montage that Jim "Smitty" Smith has graciously said he would put together for us.

It's hard to believe that five months have already passed since we had our first meeting but this 50 Year Reunion Track is on the track towards its destination.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs. Black's 8th grade spring class @ Barrett

Can you find yourself in the class photo: Going from left to right, Row 1: Peggy A., Carolyn F., Nita W., Cynthia H., Nancy W., Karen McC., Cecilia B., Nancy N.(didn't graduate with us and is now deceased), and Pam V. Row 2: Ray P., Jerry C., Hugh S., Jim D., Aubrey B., Jim W., Tony H., Tom A., and John M. and Mr. Bowie, Principal. Row 3: Minette T., Martha B., Janie H., Margaret W., Dot McD., Ann F., and ? and Mrs. Black, teacher. Row 4: Harold A., Johnny E., Reed W., Joe P., Bill C., Douglas W., and Al L.


Sadly, we have added Charlotte Hester's name to our "In Memoriam" list.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Larger photo

Let's see what happens by posting picture in the large format. It may be too large, but here goes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chuck Ross

His e-mail has been corrected to @windstream...please make a note.  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More of our 'mates!

Thanks to Jimmy Mikul for these:

Rick Kelley []

John Clough

Bunky Urquhart

Scotty Penrod

Chuck Charles T. Ross

Charles Trucks
205 482-5760

Nancy Tarrant McAnnally

189 Lake Region Circle

Wetumpka, AL 36092
(334) 569-2598
(No email address)

And I understand Ruth Walker (Baba) will be there as well!  This is shaping up to be a real party!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Joe Milstead found!

Joe's e-mail is included in the addresses posted last week, so if you were looking for him - you can stop now!  But please keep searching for those we haven't found yet, and post the info here (or send it to Pam!)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated E-Mail Addresses!

With much thanks and gratitude to Shirley Dickson, here is a list of all our classmates with their attached e-mail addresses!  Now y'all can all get in touch with each other and badger everyone to come to the reunion next year!  Amelia, I don't know the backstory on most of our 'missing' mates.  Hopefully, those who have that information will post it.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  And Jimmy Mikul is polishing his dancing shoes!

Adderhold, Tom


Almon, Mitchell


Barton Lawrence, Carolyn


Berzett, Al


Bice, Art


Bowen Childers, Rita


Boyette, Bill


Buchanan, Aubrey


Burgess Pullen, Cecilia


Camp, Larry B.


Carroll, Tim


Church, Norman


Cobb, Rocky


Cook Lowery, Jan


Cooper, Mitch


Crick Merrill, Randy

Crosthwait, Jim


Davis, Dave


Davis, Jackie


Day, Gordon


Dubose, Tom-Jackie Pepper Dubose

Ellis Schmidt, Janice


Estock, Sam


Fomby Dickson, Shirley


Franklin, Clayton


Godwin Edward, Mary Frances


Goff Sidle, Mary Ann


Graham Roberson, Linda


Griffin, Ken-Margaret Ann Files Griffin


Hanby, John


Harris Koontz, Sunny


Harris, David Coleman


Harris, John David


Heard, Bill


Heard, Bob


Hill Stamey, Sandra


Horton Ryals, Pam


Hunter Peabody, Bobbi


Jones Harbor, Connie


King Oursler, Judy


Kirtley Godfrey, Janelle


Krause, Richard


LaGroue, Ed


Lambert Henley, Irene


Laney Dobson, Lynn


Lankford Hambright, Linda


Lawson Graves, Toni


Livingston McGinnis, Pat


Livingston Weil, Becky


Lock White, Gail


Long, Robert


Lord Kontzen, Pam


Lunsford Hickman, Carol


Markert Corbell, Georgia

Matchen, Oran


McClendon, Jim


McCormack, Len


McCullough, Van


McDonald Killingsworth, Dot


Meadows Criswell, Lynda


Mikul, Jim


Miller Bynum, Faye


Milstead, Joe


Morris, George-Carol Anders Morris


Moses Lovell, Ruth


O’Donnell, Mike


Payne, Ray


Pierce Bell, Charlotte


Powell Bryant, Judy


Preble, Duane


Pullen, Bill


Rawls, Bill


Real Tosch, Marye Jo


Reaves, Jim


Reeves, Jim


Richards, Scott


Richardson Riggins, Ann


Richwine, Bob


Rogers McDuff, Jackie


Romine Stanbridge, Jane


Ross, Tom

Ryan Bozeman, Jackie


Sandlin Wiginton, Nancy


Scott, Frank


Shannon, Harold


Sheetz, Jim


Simpson, George


Smith, James Allen


Stith, Paul


Stuckey, Pete


Teague Short, Dot


Thompson Cranford, Minette


Thompson Taylor, Pam


Thompson, Harry-Lana LaFonte Thompson


Thrasher Wall, Glenda


Urquhart, Bunky


Vaughan Anderson, Pam


Wakefield, Bill


Waller, Dick


Waller, Jim


Warren, Bill


Weeks, John David


Wells Brown, Alice


Wells Loggins, Mary Anne


Wheeler, Wayne


Williams, Charles Van


Wilson Barber, Wilma


Wilson, Rick


Windham, Mickey


Witte Long, Amelia


Wolfe Smith, Shirley


Wollesen, Woody

Wood, Donny


Joe Tom Crow

What happened to him and when?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks for this website

I was truly touched at the list of those who have passed away. My heart breaks that we won't be able to see them again at our reunion. I hope everyone shows up. I went to Buddy's 50th Reunion for the Woodlawn Class of '59 last October and we had such a good time. I really cant wait.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Aboard!

Everyone's e-mail address has been entered as "author" to the blog, meaning everyone can post messages, pictures, etc., and you can link your own blog to the Reunion blog to post your happenings, pics of your family, videos, etc.  Only 100 e-mail addresses were allowed as 'authors' so I will have to figure out a way to get the other 12 listed.  I will also try to copy and paste an alphabetical list of the names with their matching e-mails.

Spouse is working on getting all the pics from our senior annual scanned in so I can get them posted.  If any of you have any photos from our high school years, please post them (and be sure to identify the folks in the picture!)...

Looking forward to seeing what you all post!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking for the following classmates. Do you know where they are or what's happened to them? If you do, please email

They're listed in alphabetical order by first names.

Averett Blake Williford
Becky (Ina Rebecca) Duncan
Betty Gay Scaife
Billie Jean McCullough
Charlotte Adeline Hester
Diane (Claudia Diane) Plant
Donna Weaver Jeffares
Eddie (Charles Edward) Foster
Elizabeth Irene Arnold
Frances Harper Sox
Gail T. Harrison
Genie (Mary Eugenia) Ziegler
James Patterson Rivers
Jerry Mac Clements
Jimmy (James Joel) Sullivan
Jimmy (James Murphy) Wells
Joe (Harry Joseph) Milstead, Jr.
John Frank Dollar
John A. Farmer
John Pace
Judy (Judith Ann) Harper
Kathe Lynn Hedum
Kitty (Katherine Ailene) Partin
Liana Linda Kerr
Louise Higgins Lawson
Lynda Diane McCay
Margaret Gail Davidson
Mary Williams Standen
Mickey (Mitchell Bert) Bailey
Pat Dohne Head
Patty (Patricia Ann) Grass
Richard Harvie Stevens
Sandra Johnson (January class)
Shirley Ann Lee
Steven Willsie Pollard