Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hidden E-Mail Addresses

In response to the following e-mail I received from Pam, I went back and deleted all the e-mail addresses previously posted.  If anyone wants an e-mail address, contact me or Pam (or, hopefully, you saved that list!)!  Hope no one got any unwanted e-mails in the interim....:

Janice Ellis Schmidt sent a note that her email address should be

Connie, I was talking with Nancy and Jim last night that since the blog spot isn't secured, I don't like my name and email address being out there for public viewing and there may be a lot of others who feel the same way.  And when classmates said it was ok to share theirs, I feel sure they meant for other classmates eyes only.  All you have to do is hit Next Blog and you'll bring up a blog you have no idea who or what or where it's from.

Now that the email has gone out and everyone's name is on it and by clicking 'Show Details" you can see everyone's email address, can't we remove the email addresses from the blog spot and then Shirley, you send out another email advising that for security reasons they have been removed from the blog spot but can be viewed by clicking Show Details on the email.  If we're proactive quickly, then if anyone else is like me and doesn't want their information on an unsecured site, we'll head off any complaints.  Then with our next mail out we can possibly include email addresses with it.

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