Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photo from Robinson Elementary

Mitch Almon sent this picture of his 8th grade class at Robinson. I only listed the first name and last name initial.

Row 1: Bonnie G., Pam L., Marye Jo R., Bobbi H., Sunny H., Charlotte P., Mary G. (deceased), Patricia W.

Row 2: Frank "Len" McC., Doug D., Larry R., Frank B., Gary W., Jimmy N., Terry W.

Row 3: Harry T., Elliene F., Betty Jo J. (deceased), Barbara T., Brenda N., Donna W., Pat N., Julia N. (deceased), Jane M.

Row 4: Johnny H., Billy R., David L., Joey P., Sam E.

Row 5: Eddie La G., Charles M., David M., Mitch A.

Mitch said there may be some id errors but thought these were correct.

(Click on the picture to view it enlarged.)

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