Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs. Black's 8th grade spring class @ Barrett

Can you find yourself in the class photo: Going from left to right, Row 1: Peggy A., Carolyn F., Nita W., Cynthia H., Nancy W., Karen McC., Cecilia B., Nancy N.(didn't graduate with us and is now deceased), and Pam V. Row 2: Ray P., Jerry C., Hugh S., Jim D., Aubrey B., Jim W., Tony H., Tom A., and John M. and Mr. Bowie, Principal. Row 3: Minette T., Martha B., Janie H., Margaret W., Dot McD., Ann F., and ? and Mrs. Black, teacher. Row 4: Harold A., Johnny E., Reed W., Joe P., Bill C., Douglas W., and Al L.

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