Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking for the following classmates. Do you know where they are or what's happened to them? If you do, please email

They're listed in alphabetical order by first names.

Averett Blake Williford
Becky (Ina Rebecca) Duncan
Betty Gay Scaife
Billie Jean McCullough
Charlotte Adeline Hester
Diane (Claudia Diane) Plant
Donna Weaver Jeffares
Eddie (Charles Edward) Foster
Elizabeth Irene Arnold
Frances Harper Sox
Gail T. Harrison
Genie (Mary Eugenia) Ziegler
James Patterson Rivers
Jerry Mac Clements
Jimmy (James Joel) Sullivan
Jimmy (James Murphy) Wells
Joe (Harry Joseph) Milstead, Jr.
John Frank Dollar
John A. Farmer
John Pace
Judy (Judith Ann) Harper
Kathe Lynn Hedum
Kitty (Katherine Ailene) Partin
Liana Linda Kerr
Louise Higgins Lawson
Lynda Diane McCay
Margaret Gail Davidson
Mary Williams Standen
Mickey (Mitchell Bert) Bailey
Pat Dohne Head
Patty (Patricia Ann) Grass
Richard Harvie Stevens
Sandra Johnson (January class)
Shirley Ann Lee
Steven Willsie Pollard

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